In the Arms of the Divine Mother

March 1-10, 2019

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

I am the first and the last
I am the honored one and the scorned one
I am the whore and the holy one
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter
I am she whose wedding is great
And I have not taken a husband
I am shameless
I am godless
And I am one whose God is great
I am the incomprehensible silence
And the much-remembered thought
I am the voice of many sounds
And the utterance of many forms
I am the utterance of my name
~from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

After the long labor and unrelenting contractions of ascension, we are birthing our new lives. Simultaneously both mother and child, we emerge from years in the womb or cauldron of transformation, squeezed through a narrow passage into the light, and fall into arms of the Divine Mother. Though She has been with us always—has always been in us--we often doubted her presence and love.

After years of releasing the old and squeezing through such an incredible passage, at the dawning of a new life many of us are exhausted and depleted and a bit in disbelief that the labor is over. Everything is so unfamiliar it can take effort just to fully feel the truth of our own freedom, let alone know how to operate as infant-Masters in a brand, new world.

It is time to let the Mother gently rock us in her arms. Time to receive her nurturing love, be replenished in her waters, and nourished by her body. And together, we will receive the lives we have dreamed into being!

Welcome to southwestern France. We are so excited to share with you a slice of the Languedoc-Roussillon that has been home to both of us over lifetimes. In this life, we have been called home again by her sweetest mother song.

In the Arms of the Divine Mother In the Arms of the Divine Mother
Sedona Retreat


Argeles-sur-Mer and the Languedoc Roussillon

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

We will be based out of Argeles, a French Catalan village on the Vermillion Coast of the Mediterranean in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Argeles sits at a particularly potent energetic vortex where the easternmost range of the Pyrenees mountains fall to the sea. It is a stunningly beautiful stretch of coast.

Like most of southern France, the land upon which Argeles was built is saturated in the energies of the divine feminine, and the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean lie close to the surface. For sensitives, it is impossible not to feel the heartbeat of the Divine Mother here, and the slow pace of simple village life allows you to soak in the energy. There are also many stories and legends of Mary Magdalene’s travels and life in southern France and of the Cathars and Knights Templar, who protected lineages of the divine feminine and Gnosticism in France. But Goddess worship, since Paleolithic times, particularly of Isis, far predates the Magdalene’s presence on the land. Of the 400-500 known Black Madonnas, 180 can be found in France alone. The oldest scientifically acknowledged traces of human habitation in southern France are almost 2 million years old, when the first African migration entered Europe. Hail, Dark Mother, womb of creation.

Just outside of Argeles is a 12 th century chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene, built atop a natural grotto of stones in the foothills of the Pyrenees with a mountain stream trickling nearby. The chapel is notably without any statues of the crucifixion, pointing to a tradition that acknowledges a living Christ. The village cathedral, Notre Dame del Prat (Our Lady of the Meadow) bears the mark of the Templar cross.

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

Rennes les Bains and Rennes le Château

We will spend two days in sister villages rich which are said to hold some of the deepest energetic imprints of the Magdalene. Rennes-le-Chateau was the fabled village of Holy Grail lore, where Magdalene also allegedly preached, and nearby Rennes-les-Bains, home to rejuvenating hot springs and a majestic stone throne known as the seat of Isis that some say precipitates mystical activations.

In the Arms of the Divine Mother
In the Arms of the Divine Mother
In the Arms of the Divine Mother
In the Arms of the Divine Mother
In the Arms of the Divine Mother


With the exception of our days in Rennes le Bains and Rennes le Chateau, we will allow for a flexible itinerary which best suits the needs and flow of the group. But we have many options at hand, depending on your choices!

*A day trip to nearby Collioure is not to be missed and is an easy 5-minute train ride from Argeles. Famous for its colorful homes, beautiful port, and the exquisite quality of light which drew in the talent of painters such as Matisse, Dali, Chagall, and Picasso. Collioure is, in fact, the birthplace of Fauvism, the 20th century art movement, led by Matisse, that liberated the concept of color. Lunch or tea at the historic Hotel Restaurant les Templiers (yes, named for the Knights Templar.) The restaurant is mini shrine to 20th-century art with an estimated 2000 original paintings. At its boat-shaped bar, many painters' fists have downed brimming glasses. Here, just having a beer feels like a hands-on art experience. Smoke-darkened and cosy - at least some of the nicotine must have soaked from their cigars - the romantically inclined will surely sense a lingering presence. The roof-to-floor paintings are augmented with snapshots of satisfied customers, like Picasso and Dali, hobnobbing with the locals.

Collioure continues to host artists from all backgrounds. More than 40 artist studios and a Museum of Modern Art are active with hundreds of exhibitions. Talk about an explosion of creative energy and inspiration for creating the art of our new lives!

*We don’t want you to miss Notre Dame de Vie, the 12th century chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene tucked in the foothills above Argeles. It’s a beautiful hike with multiple vortices along the way and natural grottos that offers an essential experience of the local land energies. Along the route is La Ferme du Bonheur, a sanctuary for old, abandoned, or abused animals. This non-profit was founded in 2002. Currently more than a hundred animals live on the premises, among them horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese, ducks, dogs, cats, a bull and a wild boar. It is a very sweet site to visit and donations are warmly welcomed.

*Walks along the Mediterranean. Although winter can sometimes bring in strong winds from over the Pyrenees, there are clear, calm, sunny days with high temps around 60F to enjoy the penetrating sunlight on Argeles beach, an easy 30-minute walk (5 minutes by car) from the village. Argeles boasts 5 miles of sand! Even in January, on a warm day, it is a delight to nap in the sun on the sands. Locals are known to swim regularly in the sea, which averages winter temps around 55F. (Brr!)

*Guided walking tour of Argeles (this is highly recommended and offered by the handsome and sweet Jean Marc!) Argelès regularly seduces its visitors with the historic charm of its old town, narrow streets, ramparts, 13th century church. The climax is the ascent to the 34m belltower with its 360° views.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Argeles hosts its farmers market, which is smaller in the winter, but still delightful and full of beautiful produce and traditional French cured meats, cheeses, sweets, wines, jams, pastries, and more.

*Wine-tasting tour at Chateau Valmy, or other local vineyards and wineries.

*Day trip to either or both Narbonne or the village of Pezenas, both sites of Black Madonnas. The particular Vierge Noir in Pezenas dates from 1311 and is attributed with a variety of miracles.

*There are numerous nature hikes and parks in the Argeles area, including a steep, strenuous but spectacular hike along the cliffs of the rocky Massane of the Alberes Mountains, with sweeping views of the Roussillon valley and the Mediterranean.

*Ranging from 100 to 150 Euro, helicopter rides touring the area are offered out of nearby Perpignan and are said to offer spectacular views.

*There are numerous castles in the area which offer tours, including in the Royal Castle of the Knights Templar in Collioure and another in Corbiere.

Sedona Retreat


…Then there was just the sheer seven days, for me, morning until night that was full on dedicated to spiritual expansion. Going into it, my favorite idea was that as much as this spiritual expansion there was no teacher. There was no one telling you how to be or what you should know, it was a collective experience of all of our knowing and all of the energy that everyone brought into the mix. Real life true friendships were made out of Facebook connections. And it’s all still unfolding. This was the real deal.

…seeing layers of old beliefs fall away like cotton in the wind or a glass ceiling shattered leaving one in a state of pure Being. Every moment was spent in spiritual expansion that was different for each of us and it was effortless, no doing, just being. It's difficult sometimes to put words to how this happened except to say possibly it's just the most natural organic thing you could image. The stage was set when Wanda and Theresa got the message to do the retreat, the curtain rose and we stepped fully into ourselves. In addition to the new level of awaking that came through for everyone, there were 10 days of sheer joy and laughter, meeting new friends every day and just the Joy of "What will happen next?"

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

Energetic Facilitation

Wanda and Theresa are both conscious energetic and verbal channels for the highest multidimensional frequencies of light. We bring multiple decades of experience in the journey of awakening and embodiment, working in collaboration with aspects of ourselves in various realms, including the galactic realms. Both of us are practiced grid workers and group facilitators. Following our adventures in Africa and the United States, this is third retreat we’ve offered together. We both work from the very embodied experience that each of us are sovereign creator beings. We do not see ourselves as gurus or even teachers as much as walking, talking mirrors who point you back to your own divinity and wisdom. Again and again. We’re so excited to have you join us! In this retreat, you will have ample opportunity to practice and refine your attunement to subtle earth and galactic energies, which converge not only in the crystalline grids, but within us. With us, this is done in ways both subtle and direct. We will meet during the week at least twice for a group integration of energies. Post-retreat we will offer you each one individual session at no additional charge in order to help you ground and integrate the retreat energies into your daily life.

About Us

Wanda Vitale
Wanda Vitale

My journey of awakening began in the 1970’s and has included many modalities for wholing, all of which have contributed to the unique expression of my soul mission. I spent many years in a corporate America in technology sales all the while exploring the path of the mystic. Life kept providing signals that I was meant for other things and like many of you, I kept resisting. And life got even more difficult and more complex until one day I finally said OK, you win. I surrender. No matter what my life looks like I’ll do what I came here to do before I took on this body."

That’s when everything changed. And quickly.

I was introduced to someone whose work started the process of removing layers of human conditioning. My intuitive senses amplified. My team started to communicate in a way I could perceive with no doubt. Then the work began.

I am an energetic receiver and transmitter, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairvoyant. My non-physical team who works through me activates and accelerates the crystalline frequency in our bodies and fields. DNA templates activate as energetic distortions are dissolved to bring about a rapid stabilization in the first levels of quantum experience we’re now able to sustain, the Diamond crystalline energetic. DNA opens and releases dormant codes; reliance on old mental and emotional patterning rapidly fades and quantum experience, our birthright, becomes possible. It is a physical and emotional process. What does that mean? A life where we feel everything fully without any stories of foreboding or judgment attached to them because there is no longer a charge, a life where you know without fail you are creating everything and utilize tools in the areas where reaction exists, a life where all experience becomes a jumping off point to more clarity and expanded choices. Your own non-physical team, multi-dimensional aspects of you, becomes your problem solvers and inspiration providers. If I can do this you can too.

Theresa Luttenegger
Theresa Luttenegger

In the last six years of my life, so much of what once defined me fell away and I was left, primarily, with my own raw humanity. The specifics looked something like a laundry list of deaths, large and small. I was humbled for a long time by my own disorientation and rawness. But more than that, I was humbled by the intensity of the times we are living through on this planet, and compelled by the urgent need for us to care for the earth and each other.

The truth is that the falling away in my life was one of the biggest gifts I could have ever imagined and the more I welcomed in what I thought I didn’t want, the more life showered me with love. It just didn’t come in the package that is so often sold as the American dream. Even amidst the wreckage of divorce, illness, the loss of all financial security, and starting over, I began to experience the joy, beauty, and perfection of my life. It wasn’t like that every day. Some days, the grief and anger spilled onto everything. But other days, in the quiet of nature, and to the sound of my own beating heart, I discovered who I truly was. In short, I came to know myself as a poem of atoms.

As my life unfolded, I began to experience it as a kind of working theory of the universe, the physical embodiment of an inexplicable intersection of multiple polarities. The spectrum of these polarities include the breadth and depth of human relationships, sexuality, desire, power and responsibility, victimhood and sovereignty, health and illness, and our relationship to the earth.

Sedona Retreat


Join us in France March 1 through March 10th, 2019. We have scheduled a group call Saturday, January 26th at 8:30 AM PST to discuss accommodations, travel and all the details - and of course answer your questions. Since the Magdalene energies are calling us to be there quickly we’re not able to reserve a block of rooms now; we do have very affordable and lovely options.