Step into Your Destiny!
Energy Master Class & Cosmic Immersion

March 15-18, 2018

Sedona, Arizona

On foot
I had to walk through the solar systems,
Before I found the first thread of my red dress.
Already I sense myself.
Somewhere in space hangs my heart,
sparks fly from it, shaking the air,
to other reckless hearts.
~Edith Sodergran

2018 is the year to lay the foundations for our new lives. It’s time to claim and anchor the kind of life that makes your heart sing--to be so aligned with your highest excitement that life has no choice but to respond in miraculous ways. The first four months of the year are bringing an extraordinary acceleration of energies including eclipses in January and February. The equinox in March marks a time when it’s full steam ahead! Those who have surrendered conditioned patterning enough to understand their soul’s unique gifts and transmission, will begin to experience the kind of traction that allows us to ground and manifest like never before. Find your passion and your tribe (we cannot do this alone!), maximize the energetic support of this extraordinary year, and leverage the enhanced power of the group to support your greatest unfolding. In 2018, matter meets mystery. This is practical, embodied spirituality.

  • Deepen your intuition/inner knowing. 2018 requires nothing less than the deepest faith in the unseen and the most steadfast heart energy we have ever called forth. Some call this blind faith, but for those of us who have been developing Source-as-Self-trust, faith is no longer blind, and the unseen is appearing before our eyes. Welcome to New Earth. What others call faith we call the knowing that comes from directly experiencing the TRUTH of the energetic before physical manifestation occurs. You will emerge from the Sedona intensive with a much more profound understanding and experience of yourself as an expression and channel of limitless consciousness. Wanda often refers to herself as the tip of a magic wand! You, too, are that conduit for magic.
  • Connect with your celestial and terrestrial teams (galactic, angelic, devic, and realms beyond words) and deepen your experience of yourself as inseparable from those aspects of Source/Self.
  • Move beyond mental patterning, fear, and doubt. The group experience validates, supports, and accelerates the surrender of egoic conditioning to the higher mind.
  • Experience the acceleration into the diamond/crystalline technologies and quantum field, multiplied by the power of conscious energetic collaboration in a group. There are times in the journey of awakening when a sense of isolation and/or aloneness serves us well. But to continue to expand energetically—to truly know ourselves as Source incarnate--we cannot work or play alone, because, ultimately, separation is simply false. The one are many and the many are one.
  • Discover your own unique energetic functions as an awakened soul on the planet.
  • Learn how to navigate life during these merging timelines and dimensional shifts.

We’ve spent the last few clearing so much trauma and realizing how our patterning impacts our lives, the extent to which we give our power away to ‘the rules’ and our fear. What if you could finally trust your own built-in guidance system? How would life be different if you really knew that anything is possible, and your inner knowing – your GPS – can be heard and trusted without fail? What would life be like if you could trust the wisdom of your body and the path your life has created?

In our mastery we learn NOT to interfere with our soul's objectives but to surrender to them completely, in full faith of whatever emerges. In our mastery we don't plan for our experiences but live each of them spontaneously, as they arise. In our mastery we show up to what life presents, opening ourselves fully to the flow of Creation, with confidence in our capability.
Lauren Gorgo

Join Theresa Luttenegger and Wanda Vitale in the beautiful red rock country of Sedona March 15th through March 18th to remember who you are and remember your superpowers. Sedona is situated on a bed of quartz crystal that amplifies energy exponentially. Join us to feel your deepest truths and connect with your tribe.

Sedona Sedona Retreat
Sedona Retreat


Away from the hustle and traffic of Sedona, we’ll meet at the Canyon Mesa Country Club tucked quaintly away in a corner of the Village of Oak Creek just 8 miles south of Sedona on Hwy. 179. This is perfect weather season in Sedona and we can either meet outside or in a meeting room depending on the weather and our preferences. Restaurants and hotels are nearby and the views are to live for!

Canyon Mesa Country Club

Accommodations: You are responsible for your own lodging. The Village of Oak Creek has several reasonably priced hotels. Poco Diablo Resort is close and is a beautiful property and there are others. We would recommend you not stay in west Sedona due to traffic during this peak season. We prefer your 4 days to be relaxing and conducive to the integration of your process here. Reserve your hotel early. You will be added to our private Facebook group, Step Into Your Destiny Sedona, where we can answer questions about hotels or sharing lodging since there are many AirBnBs in the area.

Getting There: Sedona is roughly a two hour drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Arizona Shuttle provides service to Sedona however, to take advantage of the views and shopping you will need transportation. Some of you flying in may want to share the cost of a rental car or coordinate with local retreatants. The Facebook group is the perfect place to explore this.

Pricing: Retreat Fee is $1095 and includes the vortex Jeep tour, the night UFO experience and lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, brunch on Sunday. This will be a personalized experience with ample opportunity to work with Wanda and Theresa in an intimate group setting. Includes a post retreat session with either Theresa or Wanda.

Deposit: $300 non-refundable deposit is required by February 15th. If for any reason the retreat is cancelled we will refund your deposit. Remaining funds are due by March 2, 2018.

Sedona Retreat
Sedona Retreat
Sedona Retreat


Thursday, March 15th:  We begin our  gathering at the Canyon Mesa Country Club in Sedona at 10:00 AM with an energetic process to connect everyone and set the tone for the next four days together.  We each come into this space holding different energies to be transformed.  And we each come into this space with unique gifts that will be downloaded into the group matrix.  This is when the unique energy and tone of the group comes out and guides us in our transmissions.  Wanda and Theresa hold a container that allows for deep vulnerability and intimacy, as well laughter, joy, and epiphanies! Because we have recognized ourselves as the incarnate masters we are, we see you and hold you in that light, as well.

Thursday evening:   UFO tour   
As we continue to move beyond the realm of the mind and its limited fear-based thoughts, we can merge with ever higher non-physical aspects.  The recent light codes impacting the earth have created the ability for more people to connect and communicate with their galactic aspects.  They are versions of you with more wisdom, more solutions to life, abilities to work with aspects of the body that are not limited by biology.  Until we release any fear around this, their knowledge and wisdom is blocked.

We’ll visit a UFO hotspot well known for frequent sightings that is also a vortex location where you will experience some of that “vortex energy” Sedona is famous for.  You will use Generation 3 Military Night Vision Goggles for seeing over 20,000 times more light than is possible with the naked eye and increasing your chances of having a UFO sighting by 20,000 times! Our guide is so certain there will be sightings she has a guarantee!  You will also see over 20,000 times more stars than is possible with your naked eye. You haven’t stargazed till you’ve done so with Military Night Vision Goggles! Sedona is a “dark sky city” which provides the optimum conditions for seeing the amazing nighttime sky and for seeing UFOs!

Our guide has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, the X-Conference, the International UFO Congress, UFO Con, the Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, The Whole Life Expo, and more.

Friday, March 16th: 
We’ll gather at Canyon Mesa Country Club to share  our experiences of the prior night.  Many of you who are called to Sedona already have vast galactic imprints in your DNA of which you might or might not be aware.  We will work with you as a group and individually to address any old patterning and utilize the power of group energetics to boost your intuitive abilities.  The only guidance we ever need comes from our higher dimensional aspects.  They are here to guide us to our highest destinies one step at a time.  The challenge for most of us is trusting the information as it comes believing it’s our mind.  Learn to trust your own wisdom no matter the situation to create the life you came here to live. 

Saturday, March 17th:
Guided Jeep tour of Sedona’s vortexes.  Bring your cameras and sunglasses as we spend time at the vortices, integrating their energies and downloading your own into the crystalline core of New Earth and experience the land of the ancient Sinagua. 
Around 650 A.D. pottery and agriculture appear, and the rise of the people now known as the Sinagua soon began.  Then, little more than a century later, the Sinagua mysteriously disappeared after hundreds of years of development—at the peak of their civilization! The reason why is one of the biggest mysteries in the Southwest and is known as The Great Abandonment. It is estimated that over 5,000 Sinagua inhabited the Verde Valley, that’s a lot if you consider modern Sedona has a population of fewer than 14,000 permanent inhabitants.  We are hearing that many of you roamed this ancient land many times.

After lunch together we will spend time in group process bringing through information from our tour.  Just as we collapsed old fear patterns around galactics, the vortex tour will bring up old timelines/lives as a Native American on this land.    As we free up energy based in old trauma, space is freed up for new energies and codes to become active.  Your intuitive skills expand.  If we have time and the energy there are other sites we may visit. 

Sunday, March 18th:   We gather for breakfast as a group to integrate everything that arose during the last 3 days and end at 1:00.   

On this last day of the retreat as well as each day we are committed to helping you process everything you’ve experienced so as to integrate it into your daily life to create more expansion and continued integration. 

We will offer each of you one free personal session with either Theresa or Wanda to further integrate your experiences and insights into the specifics of your life.

Sedona Retreat


…Then there was just the sheer seven days, for me, morning until night that was full on dedicated to spiritual expansion. Going into it, my favorite idea was that as much as this spiritual expansion there was no teacher. There was no one telling you how to be or what you should know, it was a collective experience of all of our knowing and all of the energy that everyone brought into the mix. Real life true friendships were made out of Facebook connections. And it’s all still unfolding. This was the real deal.

…seeing layers of old beliefs fall away like cotton in the wind or a glass ceiling shattered leaving one in a state of pure Being. Every moment was spent in spiritual expansion that was different for each of us and it was effortless, no doing, just being. It's difficult sometimes to put words to how this happened except to say possibly it's just the most natural organic thing you could image. The stage was set when Wanda and Theresa got the message to do the retreat, the curtain rose and we stepped fully into ourselves. In addition to the new level of awaking that came through for everyone, there were 10 days of sheer joy and laughter, meeting new friends every day and just the Joy of "What will happen next?"

About Us

Wanda Vitale
Wanda Vitale

My journey of awakening began in the 1970’s and has included many modalities for wholing, all of which have contributed to the unique expression of my soul mission. I spent many years in a corporate America in technology sales all the while exploring the path of the mystic. Life kept providing signals that I was meant for other things and like many of you, I kept resisting. And life got even more difficult and more complex until one day I finally said OK, you win. I surrender. No matter what my life looks like I’ll do what I came here to do before I took on this body."

That’s when everything changed. And quickly.

I was introduced to someone whose work started the process of removing layers of human conditioning. My intuitive senses amplified. My team started to communicate in a way I could perceive with no doubt. Then the work began.

I am an energetic receiver and transmitter, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairvoyant. My non-physical team who works through me activates and accelerates the crystalline frequency in our bodies and fields. DNA templates activate as energetic distortions are dissolved to bring about a rapid stabilization in the first levels of quantum experience we’re now able to sustain, the Diamond crystalline energetic. DNA opens and releases dormant codes; reliance on old mental and emotional patterning rapidly fades and quantum experience, our birthright, becomes possible. It is a physical and emotional process. What does that mean? A life where we feel everything fully without any stories of foreboding or judgment attached to them because there is no longer a charge, a life where you know without fail you are creating everything and utilize tools in the areas where reaction exists, a life where all experience becomes a jumping off point to more clarity and expanded choices. Your own non-physical team, multi-dimensional aspects of you, becomes your problem solvers and inspiration providers. If I can do this you can too.

Theresa Luttenegger
Theresa Luttenegger

In the last six years of my life, so much of what once defined me fell away and I was left, primarily, with my own raw humanity. The specifics looked something like a laundry list of deaths, large and small. I was humbled for a long time by my own disorientation and rawness. But more than that, I was humbled by the intensity of the times we are living through on this planet, and compelled by the urgent need for us to care for the earth and each other.

The truth is that the falling away in my life was one of the biggest gifts I could have ever imagined and the more I welcomed in what I thought I didn’t want, the more life showered me with love. It just didn’t come in the package that is so often sold as the American dream. Even amidst the wreckage of divorce, illness, the loss of all financial security, and starting over, I began to experience the joy, beauty, and perfection of my life. It wasn’t like that every day. Some days, the grief and anger spilled onto everything. But other days, in the quiet of nature, and to the sound of my own beating heart, I discovered who I truly was. In short, I came to know myself as a poem of atoms.

As my life unfolded, I began to experience it as a kind of working theory of the universe, the physical embodiment of an inexplicable intersection of multiple polarities. The spectrum of these polarities include the breadth and depth of human relationships, sexuality, desire, power and responsibility, victimhood and sovereignty, health and illness, and our relationship to the earth.

Sedona Retreat


You are responsible for the cost of your transportation to and from your hotel in Sedona and your hotel.  We can recommend lodging close to our meeting venue.
Retreat Fee is $1095 and includes the vortex Jeep tour, the night UFO experience and lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, brunch on Sunday. This will be a personalized experience with ample opportunity to work with Wanda and Theresa in an intimate group setting. Includes a post retreat session with either Theresa or Wanda.
Deposit: $300 deposit required by February 15th, non-refundable. If for any reason the retreat is cancelled we will refund your deposit. Remaining funds are due by March 2, 2018.