Alive in the Mystery:
Joy, Freedom, Creation and the Holy Ground of [Quantum] Uncertainty

September 5-9, 2019

Mount Shasta, California

Beyond any doubt, we are experiencing the first wave of embodiment on the planet. Wave after wave of diamond-crystalline-rainbow light has activated our DNA so that many of us have been accessing multidimensional realities and technology for years now. As we stabilize in an awareness which is omnipresent, we learn to focus on each NOW moment and our preferred state of being—joyous and free. Some of us are even beginning to manifest extraordinary creations non-linearly—poof!—like magicians pulling rabbits out of our quantum hats.

That said, embodiment can be a disorienting experience–realizing we have achieved what we incarnated for (lifetime after lifetime) is here! The waiting game is over, and the only indications of polarity in our fields are akin to phantom pains and ghost stories. As the higher self takes command of the nervous system, we are releasing the struggle (fight, flight, or freeze) long-programmed into the cellular biology. New chemistry and neural pathways are activated. Our crystalline DNA is shining and singing!

We are experiencing the utter trustworthiness of this new life. We learn by taking the steps towards our dreams before the ground appears. Peeling away layers of outdated beliefs to reveal the clarity and focus allows us to create in the quantum field, in harmony with the natural uncertainty involved in synchronicity.

Living in the visceral realization of unity consciousness means we take responsibility for any and all separation in our field as being held within. In the process, we are creating entirely new templates for sacred relationships and community. We learn by playing–unfailingly devoted to joy! With clarity and joy we ground New Earth creations into the physical. When we come together, a unified field of laser focus or higher group-heart-mind signals to the field of all potentials and amplifies and accelerates each soul’s trajectory. In union with Gaia, we step more fully into our own unique and perfect path as the unified field pulses out to the edges of All That Is to transform every energy unlike itself. This is the beauty and gift of unity consciousness.

Join us in this potent group experience, amplified by the magnificent, multidimensional field we call Mount Shasta. The field of the mountain not only unlocks and accelerates activations of advanced crystalline DNA technology, but assists in the grounding of our creations into the physical. In the quantum play of uncertainty, all things are possible. Are you ready to step into the life and dream that is calling you? Come walk this holy ground with us.

Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Sedona Retreat

Mount Shasta

When I first caught sight of it … I was fifty miles away and afoot, alone and weary. Yet all my blood turned to wine, and I have not been weary since. ~John Muir

It is difficult to describe Mount Shasta energetically except to say it is a massive multidimensional field, offering supportive portals and activations to countless diverse realms/dimensional experiences. Gatekeeper and Ascension guide Sandra Walter has noted that the mountain serves as a “crown-type” chakra for Gaia and has not served as a root chakra in a long time. The mountain is rightfully the subject of legend, myth, and mystery among indigenous tribes and world pilgrims alike.

Shasta is also famous for, among many phenomena and energies, its high-vibrational, crystalline waters (as documented by Masuru Emoto)—springs, waterfalls, and mountain streams–including one of very few places in the world where both red (feminine) and white (masculine) springs bubble out of the earth, side by side, indicative of the hieros gamos—sacred marriage or unification of polarities.

The larger physical field of the mountain is also an extraordinary marriage–one of alpine and high desert ecosystems. We will be visiting both.

Shasta City (as the town is called), elevation 3500 feet, is a sweet (and deceptively sleepy) berg of about 3000 human inhabitants. No one has attempted to count ETs, Lemurians, angelics, ascended masters, nature devas or yetis, whose presence informs local lore. Throughout the year, thousands of spiritual pilgrims from all over the world visit as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts. In spite of the steady stream of visitors, the Shasta field has regulated/repelled commercial development in the area. You will find no large conference centers or Walmarts here. Restaurants and shops are locally-owned, modest, a bit slow and quirky, but very charming. (And there must be more crystal shops per one square mile than nearly anywhere else on the planet!)

Panther Meadows
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery
Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery


Thursday, September 5: Arrive at the Shasta Inn.
Check in is officially 3 p.m., but we will see if some early arrivals are possible. We’ll be sharing an early dinner in the evening at Andaman Thai Restaurant and if there’s time, we’ll drive up the mountain together. The reunion of so many powerful souls will be an activation in itself, but there will be also time for getting acquainted (in this life/timeline!) checking in and intentionally syncing and grounding.

Friday, September 6
~ Breakfast on your own. There are several wonderful breakfast resources (restaurant/resource list to follow) within walking distance and Shasta Inn offers a modest, continental breakfast.
~ Morning session (with a short hike) at Panther Meadow, elevation 7500 feet. Panther Meadow is the crown jewel in an extraordinary crown. We will be taking a short hike through the rugged terrain near the timberline with staggering vistas of the volcanic peak and of beautiful rocks and cliffs. The trail culminates at the sacred mountain spring that forms the headwaters of the Sacramento River. The water flows in rivulets through fragile alpine meadow of wildflowers. The meadow is named for the numerous sightings of Saint Germaine (often in the form of a panther) on the mountain. The living stones sing in the voice of the mountain, emitting a symphonic chorus in what many have described as a kind of angelic rapture.
~ Simple, catered, picnic lunch on the mountain.
Afternoon session at what is traditionally known as the “Telos portal.” We have merged Gaia’s timelines into one, collapsing the old stories of trauma and separation, which means there is no more clearing or repairing of old lines or stories. So, in many ways, the story of the “fall” of Lemuria, driving its people “underground,” and the consequential rise of Telos or Aghartha is what we might label an old story. That said, we still feel the extraordinarily beautiful rainbow-crystalline energies of Lemuria, the frequencies of peace and harmony, as eminently amplified on the mountain, and particularly at certain vortices. We will not be surprised if some of you connect or integrate more of your own Lyran, Lemurian, galactic, or inner earth wisdom and aspects here, assisting you to expand upon your own New Earth creations in this Now.
~ Break and dinner on your own.
~ Evening sound bath/crystal singing bowl transmission at Inner Earth Crystal Room

Saturday, September 7
~ Breakfast on your own

~Morning excursion to Pluto’s Cave, an 190,000 year-old lava tube on the high desert side of the mountain. The cave offers a powerful bass line to an incredible spectrum of frequencies available in the larger field. We had several choices of sites to visit in the field and are strongly guided here.
~ Lunch together at McCloud Hotel
~ Afternoon visit to the gorgeous vortex at Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir with gentle, embodiment yoga and walking meditation led by Aaron Ogden. Aaron is a soul brother long-devoted to planting starseeds in the earth realms. Gifted in the arts and sciences of permaculture, plant medicine yoga, intuition, astrology, and healing, Aaron beams a whole lotta Pleiadian sunshine wherever he goes and we know you’re going to love his magical, poetic and nondual transmission as much as we do.
~ Dinner on your own
~ Evening drive up the mountain for sunset gathering and nighttime adventures, a little music and (we hope) drumming! And possibly a fire. You cannot say you’ve really experienced Shasta until you’ve been on the mountain at night! (Ask Theresa about her yeti escorts.)

Sunday, September 8
~ Leisurely brunch together at Lily’s.
~ A full afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, including soaking in the crystalline waters in your own private bath, a shared wood-fired sauna and cold dip in the mountain stream pool (if you choose!)
At the springs, we are also thrilled to offer an activation/anchoring in the Divine Masculine from our dear friend and colleague Matisay Shandah (John Effland). Matisay recently offered Theresa “the most powerful activation in the Divine Masculine I have ever received. The activation completed within me a visceral inner circuitry I did not know was possible.”
Matisay is an angelic (barely) masked in the body of a mountain shaman, yogi, stonemason, and stone whisperer. In service to the evolution of humanity and Mother Earth, he offers laser-focused evolutionary healing a gentle kindness, and something akin to coyote wisdom crossed with the boundless joy of a yellow lab!
Stewart Mineral Springs is one of only two known places in the world where both red (feminine) and white (masculine) springs bubble out of the earth, side by side, indicative of the hieros gamos—sacred marriage or unification of polarities.
~ Shared dinner at Andaman Thai Restaurant

Monday, September 9
~ Early breakfast on your own
~ We would love to conclude the retreat with the drive and 1.5 mile hike up to Heart Lake for integration and processing of the retreat energies. We will conclude by noon. We realize some may need to leave early to catch flights or return to their daily schedules, but we will include some sort of integration—depending on the needs of the group—on Monday morning.


We will be staying at the Mount Shasta Inn, a rustic but comfortable motel. Built in 1959 and known locally for years as the Woodsman Lodge. Shasta Inn is an institution full of local color and flavor, a few ghosts, with a little bar and burger joint on the property. It’s within easy walking distance of the local natural foods grocery store, Berryvale, and several other restaurants and cafes.

Getting There:

Shasta City is a 1.5-hour drive from Medford, Oregon, the nearest commercial airport, and a 3.5 hour drive from Sacramento. Amtrak makes regular stops in Dunsmuir, a nearby town, and we can help arrange transport to Shasta City (although Amtrak is notoriously late and arrival and departure schedules should take this into account.) We cannot guarantee transport from Medford to Shasta City, but we will do our best to assist you in coordinating with other retreat participants.

About Us

Wanda Vitale
Wanda Vitale

Wanda is a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creatrix behind the “The Quantum Entrepreneur” program. She collaborates with a global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi- dimensional beings.

Working with a multidimensional team of galactics and other beings who accelerate the process of diamond light body and rainbow body activations, for the past year they have focused on activating the Eden Template in those who are ready.

Her private group on Facebook, The Diamond Path, is designed as a model for New Earth; one body comprised of multiple individuated streams of expertise, collaboration, personal support and active exploration of new realms.



Theresa Luttenegger
Theresa Luttenegger

Theresa Luttenegger is a soul intuitive and energetic and verbal channel for the highest frequencies of love, joy, and beauty. She interprets and plays in the quantum field of creation as an artist, embodying the understanding that there is no separation between the painter and the painted, between the poet and the poem.

An experienced earth and galactic gridworker, Theresa served for many years as a guardian of the primary ascension timeline, re-activating planetary star gates, and Gaia’s higher-dimensional crystalline temples. Theresa remembers contact with her star family from a very early age and integrated countless galactic and multidimensional aspects in herself, as well as assisting others to remember the fullness of their being.

Theresa is a channel’s channel. She works with healers, intuitives, and way-showers in private and group sessions, assisting her clients in the full reclamation and visceral experience of their crystalline, multidimensional consciousness—unborn, undying, luminous and free. In human terms, Theresa calls this re-wilding ourselves. As she assists in releasing conditioned patterning and living life from the unguarded, expanded heart, her clients joyfully discover anew their passion for their own unique expression in the play of the sensual world—in relationships, in creative endeavors and New Earth soul mission, and in community.

Awake in the dream, we truly come to know ourselves as a poem of atoms.


Wanda and Theresa will not be offering personal sessions during the retreat. A post-retreat integration session with either facilitator is included in your retreat package.

We are thrilled to offer in-person individual sessions with two trusted colleagues. These can be scheduled before, during, or after the retreat for an additional fee.

Matisay Shandah and Aaron Ogden are both powerful healers, intuitives, and yogis and have crafted focused energy sessions to more deeply support you during your time in Mount Shasta. Personal sessions can be arranged and paid for by contacting Matisay or Aaron directly.

Matisay Shandan


 Matisay Shandah




Aaron Ogden


 Aaron Ogden

Sedona Retreat


The retreat fee is $1888.00 and includes four nights of lodging in a single queen room at Mount Shasta Inn.

The retreat fee for four nights lodging in a single king room is $1988.00.

The retreat fee for four nights lodging in a room with two queen beds (shared with a roommate/retreatant) is $1688.00.

*The retreat fee also includes a soak in a private bath at Stewart Mineral Springs, Friday evening’s crystal bowl sound bath, dinner on Thursday and Sunday evenings, lunch on Friday, and brunch and dinner on Sunday, and the group activations by Aaron Ogden and Matisay Shandah.


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required by July 20th; balance must be paid by August 23rd. Payment may be made via PayPal link below or personal check to:

Wanda Vitale
11 Bulldog Lane
Tularosa, NM 88352

Click here to pay your deposit or in full via PayPal »

Mount Shasta Alive in the Mystery


It's hard to put into words the magic that Wanda and Theresa bring to their retreats. It's more than anything they do or say. It's their deep connectedness to the energy of the place, the moment, and the participants, to the flow of what wants to come through them, and to the magic that happens when a group shows up and begins to co-create an experience together. They are wise, compassionate, real, humble, funny, loving, and wildly tuned in. They are teachers' teachers and channels' channels. The France retreat changed my life in subtle but very real and powerful ways, and I can't wait to see what they bring through next.
Thea Sullivan

Then there was just the sheer seven days, for me, morning until night that was full on dedicated to spiritual expansion. Going into it, my favorite idea was that as much as this spiritual expansion there was no teacher. There was no one telling you how to be or what you should know, it was a collective experience of all of our knowing and all of the energy that everyone brought into the mix. Real life true friendships were made out of Facebook connections. And it’s all still unfolding. This was the real deal.

Seeing layers of old beliefs fall away like cotton in the wind or a glass ceiling shattered leaving one in a state of pure Being. Every moment was spent in spiritual expansion that was different for each of us and it was effortless, no doing, just being. It's difficult sometimes to put words to how this happened except to say possibly it's just the most natural organic thing you could image. The stage was set when Wanda and Theresa got the message to do the retreat, the curtain rose and we stepped fully into ourselves. In addition to the new level of awaking that came through for everyone, there were 10 days of sheer joy and laughter, meeting new friends every day and just the Joy of "What will happen next?"
David Maria