A Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime  ~  October 9 to 18, 2017

Don't be satisfied with the stories of
the way things have gone with others.
U n f o l d   y o u r   o w n   m y t h
~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Every time you change a future outcome, the past gets rewritten to accommodate the through-line of that story, the flow of that time-torus.
~ Sandra Walter, Ascension Wayshower And Gatekeeper

Tunisia is the first place I've actually felt and seen New Earth in all its shimmering, wise, loving glory. And the energy of the Ancients (human and most definitely other-dimensional) pulses through everything.
~ Patricia Taft, Peace Worker, World Traveler, and Lightworker

Each of you, the heralded Suns of GOD, preparing to light up and emblaze your dormant, higher dimensional genetics are currently moving through a period of remembrance of your divine DNA…a recalling of ancient and yet future body intelligence.
~ Lauren Gorgo, Ascension Wayshower

We are thrilled to invite you to join us on an extraordinary adventure that encompasses not only North Africa, the Tunisian legacy of Sufi mysticism, and the intersection of multiple cultures and civilizations, but an adventure that reaches far beyond this planet and solar system. Tunisia, its people and land, hold cosmic codes and light structures that are utterly ancient. Many of these light codes and structures are ready to be activated now that the collective vibration of Gaia and her inhabitants has increased sufficiently. If you are reading this and feel called, your soul had a hand in creating and seeding the codes and light structures many hundreds of thousands of years ago. We are now being called back to one of our ancient homes on Earth to complete chapters of our soul missions.

The heart-essence of our Tunisian adventure will be daily group activations/meditations led by energetic channels/intuitives Wanda Vitale (www.vitalenLIGHTenment.com) and Theresa Luttenegger (www.poemofatoms.com). We are representatives of various galactic and multi-dimensional collectives.  As such, both embody and channel a variety of energetic frequencies, depending on what transmission is called forth at any given time.  With our support, not only will you access and unravel the threads connecting you to your own star families and consciousness, and earlier timelines on this planet, you will relax and expand into the timeless and limitless nature of reality. In short, you will experience and anchor a quantum way of being into your body and life.  This reunion of old soul friends—some of whom have not met yet in this life - is the culmination of many lifetimes. 

If you are called to join us, you will know in your heart. Whether you consider yourself an experienced energy worker, a novice meditator, or simply a curious traveler, do NOT doubt you have what you need to make this journey. Immerse yourself in these ancient energies with our assistance. Like a key in a lock you are being called to these sacred sites to amplify that which has been hidden for centuries, both in these vortices and in yourself. We can’t wait to meet you at this intersection of ancient and future timelines. Like us, you will come to discover who you are in ways that far exceed your imagination.

The new grounded Solar Christ grid and the Crystalline grid expand the grounded torus of 4D Gaia outward to meet the 5D/6D torus of the New Earth consciousness, very similar to what we are doing with our own torus fields; expanding the lower Self torus out to merge with the Higher Self torus. In Gaia’s case, she has information and Solar codes deep within her core, crystal beds, and some very ancient technology which were dormant, waiting for best-case-scenario of our Ascension. Since we were able to achieve the higher trajectory of the Christed Ascension timelines, the past must align to compliment that trajectory.
~ Sandra Walter




Tunisia, on the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa with its rich history of Turkish and Arab empires dating back to the 12th century BC is also heavily influenced by European culture. The city dazzles and hums with the sights and sounds of a cultural carnival. Here you will find lavishly-tiled cafes, souks selling everything from shoes to shisha pipes, alleyways full of artisans at work, and residential areas punctuated by grand, brightly painted doorways. Historic palaces, mosques and medersas are scattered throughout.

Our 10-day 9-night retreat begins in Tunis at the Palais Bayram, an exquisite 18th century palace built on the site of more ancient palaces and painstakingly restored. Renovated to perfection this 5 Star hotel with restaurants and spas is in the heart of the medina (old town).

The Medina

As we explore the medina and nearby areas you will fall in love with the local people, the cuisine, the history and culture. You can walk right out the door and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing souks and scents of Tunis! And within you will awaken the energy of Connection.

Join us as we visit the ancient ruins of Carthage, relax in Sidi Bou Said with its sky blue wooden doors and travel to Kairouan with its magnificent mosque, then stay the night in Sousse on the Mediterranean. Enjoy the relaxing breezes from the Mediterranean, stroll through the ancient medina or explore the catacombs beneath the city. There are options for everyone.


TUNISIA and the Light of your Ancient Future Retreat includes:

Palais Bayram dining room
  • Daily energetic activation or meditation.  Some will specifically pertain to activating the light structures in Tunisia.  Others will enable deep integration and discovery of one’s personal soul mission. Lots of juicy conversation all week!
  • One individual in depth session.
  • 5 Star luxury accommodations single or double occupancy nine nights.
  • Welcome dinner at Al Makhzen which serves a traditional, yet gourmet, Tunisian cuisine in an authentic and refined setting.
  • All meals (and tips) - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, included. We will be dining in some beautiful restaurants.
  • Transportation and hotel for our overnight trip to Kairouan and Sousse and trips to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.
  • Tour guide for our duration of our stay. We have been working closely with Noor, who was personally recommended to us and who is also recommended by the Embassy. Her English is fluent and she is a wonderful resource for history and culture.
  • A traditional hammam spa experience.
  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together.
  • Transport to the hotel and departure to the airport (at the designated times only!)

Shop in the medinaWhat's not included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home.
  • Any wine or drinks you purchase at dinner.
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person).
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.


Tunisian Food

In this history-filled country, a crossroads of many civilizations (Roman, Carthaginian, Arab, Turkish and French), Tunisian cuisine evolved and developed into an art. Rich in color, delicate and fresh, it is a reflection of successive cultural influences (Berber, Arab, Jewish, Turkish, Italian, etc.), the regional climate and the country's geography, and thus of its local products: wheat (in the form of bread, noodles or couscous), olives and olive oil, meat (particularly mutton, beef, chicken and other poultry), fruits and vegetables, and fish and seafood, especially along the coast.

At once Mediterranean, African and Eastern, this rich and elaborate cuisine offers many specialties that vary by region (north, south, coastal, oasis, etc.) and by ethnic group (Berber, Jewish or Arab). The cooking of the cities is, however, more sophisticated and diverse than that of the country, particularly when it comes to pastries.

Rugs in the medinaUnlike other North African cuisines, Tunisian food is quite spicy. There is an old wives' tale that says a husband can judge his wife's affections by the amount of hot peppers she uses when preparing his food. If the food becomes bland then a man may believe that his wife no longer loves him.  Non-spicy and vegetarian options are available, and of course fish is plentiful. But eating at authentic Tunisian restaurants generally means you need some tolerance for spice. Most Tunisians are meat-eaters and the grilled lamb is not to be missed if you are a carnivore!

Typical temperatures in October range from 75 to 85F with lows from 60 to 72F.  Humidity averages between 20 and 30% and expect a light shower or two. 

Most of the people speak both French and Arabic – so if you speak French you will have an especially fun time!


Monday October 9, DAY 1: Tunis

Day One Itinerary


Arrive at Dar El Medina or Palais Bayram at your leisure. The hotels are a ten-minute walk from each other through the medina. We will meet at the Palais Bayram for dinner at their restaurant, Al Makhzen. Sometimes called room of the knights the makhzen (etymological precursor of the words shop and store) sometimes sheltered horses, sometimes the storage of provisions. Keeping its original name, Al Makhzen today houses a restaurant serving traditional, yet gourmet, Tunisian cuisine in an authentic and refined setting.

Tuesday October 10, DAY 2: Tunis

Tonisian door


Breakfast, followed by morning energetic activation/guided meditation at the Palais. This will be our first formal opportunity to align energetically as a group and allow the earth and galactic energies we will be working with for the next nine days to reveal themselves to us.

After lunch we will take a walking tour of the medina with Noor and orient ourselves to the city. We intend this to be a day of gentle entry into the energies and landscape. After resting, we’ll enjoy dinner together at the Dar El Jeld. The restaurant, located in an ancient palace, is celebrated for its impeccable presentation and amazing décor as well as its cuisine.

Wednesday October 11, DAY 3: Carthage


After breakfast we will take an hour drive to the ancient city of Carthage on the Gulf of Tunis where we will spend the day. Carthage was founded in the 9th century B.C. From the 6th century onwards, it developed into a great trading empire covering much of the Mediterranean and was home to a brilliant civilization. The ruins of this Punic and Roman site are somewhat scattered over a wide area, but include impressive Roman baths, houses, cisterns, basilicas and streets. Wanda and Theresa have already tapped into the light structures in this area of Tunisia and, in addition to touring the ruins, we will facilitate a group energetic activation on site as well as gridwork. We are thrilled to connect to the extraordinary history and multi-dimensional energies of both land and sea!

Thursday October 12, DAY 4: Tunis

Traditional Turkish steam bath

In addition to nourishing our spirits we will be nourishing our bodies. Today we will each enjoy a hamman—traditional Turkish steam bath and massage. There will be plenty of free time for rest or additional spa services. Those with a passion for sightseeing and culture might want to explore the Bardo Museum, the 8th century Olive Tree Mosque, La Goulette (the Tunis port), or any of the city’s many Sufi shrines. Those who love to shop will enjoy sampling some of the city’s famous essential oils and spices as well as the visual feast of textiles, rugs, and lamps.

Friday October 13, DAY 5: Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said

We expect magic everywhere we go, but we intend nothing but pure enchantment for you on our visit to the blue and white medieval village of Sidi Bou Said. Nestled atop steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, the town has long been a Bohemian sanctuary. It is said it is impossible not to fall in love with the place. Originally the destination for those making pilgrimage to the tomb of the 13th-century Sufi holy man from whom it takes its name, Sidi Bou Said was famously celebrated by influential writers and artists like Simone de Beauvoir, Andre Gide, Henri Matisse, and Paul Klee. Seen from a distance, it shimmers under the fierce Mediterranean sun like a giant mosaic. Seen from within, it's a labyrinth of winding streets and secret places, where crooked flights of steps lead to hidden gardens and wooden gates opening onto flower-filled courtyards.

Saturday October 14, DAY 6: Tunis

Tunis medina


We will be facilitating personal sessions today while you enjoy exploring Tunis. We’ll meet in the evening for a very special dinner with Patricia Taft and Bilal Nasri. Bilal is a native Tunisian and Patti is an international peace worker and a new resident of the country. They have been our Tunisian support team--“feet and hearts on the ground”--as we’ve planned this adventure. We’ve asked them to share some of their experience of the energy and magic of Tunisia with us.

Sunday October 15, DAY 7: Kairouan and Sousse


Together, we’ll make the 3-hour trip inland to Islam’s holy city of Kairouan. There we will visit the Great Mosque, North Africa’s oldest and most important mosque, constructed in 672 A.D. The city itself is bustling, and jam-packed with some of the country’s best examples of Islamic architecture, from several grand mosques and tombs with ornate decoration to the Medina back alleys lined with candy-colored houses. Kairouan is also famous for the quality of its carpets. We’ve been called there specifically for energy work, but intend sightseeing as well. From Kairouan, we’ll make an early evening drive back to the coast and stay the night in Sousse.

Monday, October 16, DAY 8: Sousse



Sitting where the Phoenician colony of Hadrumetum once stood nearly 3,000 years ago, the modern-day Sousse is a resort destination, especially popular with Europeans. Sometimes called "the Pearl of the Sahel" (referring to the central section of Tunisia's eastern shoreline).

Sousse is prized for its excellent beaches. Arab-Islamic since the 7th century AD, the city has many fascinating attractions, like the 9th-century Great Mosque, and its medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tuesday October 17, DAY 9: Tunis

Tunis courtyard




We’ll celebrate our last full day together with a surprise!

Wednesday October 18, DAY 10: Tunis

Mosque at sunrise



Our ten-day adventure ends with breakfast and a meditation to anchor in our experiences before everyone departs for home.


This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE ADVENTURE from TUNIS. You are responsible for the cost of your transportation to and from your hotel in Tunis.  From there, all you need bring is spending money. There will be plenty of personal time for any experience you choose, including shopping in the historic medina.


Investment, if booked and paid in full by August 1st.

$2950 USD Double Occupancy Room, Dar El Medina.
This rate is only available for retreatants sharing a room.
(We cannot guarantee that there will be someone with whom to share a room, but if it is possible to match you, we will.)
$3650 USD Single Occupancy Room, Dar El Medina

$4400 Historic Suite (single occupancy), Palais Bayram

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your place.

What’s included?

  • 9 nights, 5 star boutique hotel accommodations
  • Traditional hammam spa experience
  • All meals throughout our stay
  • Transportation to Kairouan and Sousse and hotel
  • Transportation to Carthage, Sidi Bou and other sites
  • Entrance fees for those sites we visit as a group
  • Transportation to and from the airport (designated times only)

The retreat may be booked and paid for as late as September 1st for an additional fee of $500/person.

No refunds after September 8th, 2017

Choose Your Room:

The Palais Bayram and the Dar el Medina are a 10 minute walk from each other.  Both are situated in the heart of the Medina (Old Town) and its ancient history, sights and sounds.  While both offer luxury and quiet the Palais is an historically correct refurbished palace and the Dar is an authentically refurbished private residence with big rooms, courtyards and rooftop.   They have completely different energies.

We’ve chosen some pictures so you know what to expect at each and get a feel for what’s calling you.

Click a room option below to view a sample.

Dar el Medina Double Occupancy

Dar el Medina Single Occupancy

Palais Bayram Single Occupancy


Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit. Any cancellation made between: August 1 and September 7 will result in a loss of half the trip charges. Any cancellation after September 8 will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit and payments will be refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

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